Punk Junk

Book by Dennis Fiery on hiding your valuables in locations that cannot be traced back to you and can be grabbed while transient or in an emergency. I can't find a full pdf, so here's some snippets and scans. Check libraries.
  • The Law of Coming and Going: “Something may be well-hidden if you’re going towards it one way, but in plain view to whoever approaches from the other direction.”
  • The Border Rule: “People tend to focus on the location or thing itself, and not the boundary between two things.”
  • The Diagonal Rule: “Any time you see something on a diagonal, look at it more closely because there is probable a triangle of space behind it in which objects can be hidden.”


  • Plainclothes pigs will often have protective shoes with reinforced toes.
  • Bring foam earplugs, dust masks, and bandanas to demonstrations/when doing direct action
  • Mask up, but wait to mask up; you'll want to cover your face if things get out of hand, but if you arrive wearing a mask, pigs may sniff you out.
  • The more medics, the better. Carry a first aid kit on you.
  • Bring literature! If you can't participate in direct action, supplying people with zines and other literature will help the left grow.
  • Remember: the police are the fascist footsoldiers of the elite. Never trust them, never tell them anything.
  • You can stitch with dental floss instead of thread. Cheaper, more accessible, generally sturdier. You can reuse the box for storing small items.
  • Try to buy jackets secondhand.
  • Be careful not to wear your scariest studs/spikes into the pit, or you might take someone's eye out. Bullet and short pyramid shapes are generally safest.
  • Pin backings are a good investment if you want to keep your pins. Insert the pin through any rubbery, thick material you can find (eraser, piece of a toy, etc) before securing it. If you have the equipment, you can also solder pins shut.